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Weight Loss Price Shocker:

How WellFit’s Medical Weight Loss Center Keeps its Treatment Cost So Low …

… and How the True Cost of Today’s Most Popular Weight Loss Plans Can Easily Top $1,000 per Month

There’s a shocking truth hidden beneath the glitz and glamour associated with many of today’s most popular weight loss options:

The cost is outrageous!

Most consumers are completely unaware of the costs that come with popular programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Medifast.

That’s because most of these popular programs don’t want you to know the true costs until you’ve already committed!


Here are the Facts and Frequently Asked Questions:

In fact, a study conducted by the Global Health Institute at Duke University found that the average cost per pound on popular weight loss programs was roughly $123 per pound!

That’s a cost of nearly $4,000 just for a chance at losing 30 pounds!

What makes these high costs – for what many times is questionable treatment – so frustrating is that in most cases, the expenses are all coming straight out of your pocket.

That’s because most insurance companies view weight loss efforts to be “elective” procedures, and that means their costs are typically not covered under most plans.

This places the burden of payment squarely on you.

With every dollar you spend directly impacting your own household budget, it’s critically important that you meet your weight loss goals in a cost-effective way.

Thanks to the recent FDA approval of a new class of weight-loss medications…that is not only possible – it’s easier and less expensive than most traditional options!

A one-hour consultation with a registered dietitian typically costs $200, with weekly meetings recommended for best results. That means upwards of $800 per month – just for consultations!

Other methods – including fat-freezing, red-light therapy and contouring med spas can run many thousands of dollars with very mixed results at best. 

And for those looking to lose roughly 100 pounds, there are surgical weight loss options including gastric bypass, gastric banding or stomach stapling.

Expect to pay costs of $25,000 or much more depending on the procedure.

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